Barambo ice cream shops opened in Tbilisi

Of course, there are delicious ice creams, but Barambo is the most delicious!

Georgian sweets company Barambo, with a 15-year history, entered a new segment of the market and opened ice cream shops. The brand, which is associated with a wide range of products, reliability and consistently high quality, offers another innovation to the customer in the form of ice cream. The company's technologists have been working for a long time to offer a product with a distinctive taste and high quality to lovers of this cold and sweet snack. In this case too, a special emphasis was placed on taste characteristics and quality, because ice cream is loved equally by children and adults, therefore, if you want real ice cream, i.e. You want Barambo!

Iveri Ruadze, manager of quality and technological processes management of Barambo: "The history of Barambo started with the idea that every product produced by the company should be of high quality. When we talk about quality, food safety and taste are of the utmost importance. In this direction, our company has been deepening its knowledge and experience for years, at the expense of which we get the results we have. At the same time, we constantly strive for perfection.

Barambo starts this year's ice cream season with something new, with more refined, delicious, quality and unique products. Of course, there are delicious ice creams, but in our opinion, this one is even more delicious, and we are glad that the customer points it out after tasting it. The flavors are defined by high-quality raw materials and original recipes. You have the option to try our coffee ice cream, or try our ice cream made with maple syrup and roasted caramelized walnuts. Some people might like the taste of a mixture of cake and cream... there are a variety of flavors, let's see which one becomes the customer's favorite.

Barambo offers new products to customers every year. In accordance with the customer's wishes, requirements and needs, the company makes its range increasingly diverse by developing new flavors, shapes and technologies. The current year is no exception, which will be recorded in the history of Barambo with a new project of strategic importance. In the ice cream shops of the new concept, customers will find a diverse menu and a large selection of quality products, where the main product will be Barambo ice cream. In addition to the faithful and loyal customer, with a new product and concept, Barambo is also planning to enter a new consumer segment.

Ana Sarishvili, project manager: "On Barambo's 15th anniversary, the company gave the customer and itself a gift in the form of new, fantastic spaces. The company has not produced  ice cream cone before. We worked for a very long time to make this product the kind that our customers deserve. We wanted to have a space where we could thank all of them for their loyalty and love.

In terms of assortment, the company currently offers such products that it has not produced before. These are: 10 types of ice cream, pouring ice cream, topping ideas, etc. I think we will be able to adapt to everyone's taste. We continue to work with great enthusiasm, and in three years we think that we will be able to get close to everyone who loves Barambo."

Initially, the network of Barambo shops will be available throughout Tbilisi in the territory of two main shopping centers and additionally a take away concept facility on Melikishvili Avenue. With the new shops project, "Barambo" will get even closer to its loyal customers and create additional points of intersection with them.